Tired of your customers shopping rates?

Generate higher closing rates by leading your customers into courageous conversations that prepare them for a Great Financial Life™.

First step, learn how to protect your financial future.

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The Financial Life Professional™ virtual certification program, will arm you with the education and tools you need to position yourself as a trusted Leader, Coach or Advisor.


Your customers do not have enough money which is why they borrow. In addition to providing a loan that fits their life, humanize the conversation around money, wealth and worth to not only retain your customers but to be consistently referred by them.


Now is the time to help navigate the current generational wealth transfer by building a bridge that will last into the next generation through thoughtful conversations that lead your customer into a life that is performing financially.


Your clients trust you, but some times not enough. In a competitive market, differentiate yourself by adding more value to the relationship and becoming a financial thought leader not just a broker.

Why become a Financial Life Professional?

Create the ultimate complement to your current toolkit by becoming a financial thought leader in the minds of your clients.

  • Retain more clients
  • Prevent prospects from shopping rates
  • Differentiate yourself in a competitive market
  • 10X your revenue through results and referrals

How The LEGACY Team Empowers You To Be A Financial Life Professional™

LEGACY has created an ecosystem designed to support you in your chosen position - whether a LeaderCoach, or Advisor. Your level of success, fulfillment, contribution, revenue generation, and impact all hinge on what path you choose.


Why move forward?

Read what current FLPs are saying about the program.

Bess Monico

"Very valuable and inspirational information. I like the distinction that was emphasized by the differences between a Life Coach, Money leader and the Financial Life Professional. My understanding was that as a Financial Life Professional you are in between the two above who brings it all together through applying a method and taking action to achieve results desired. It also makes sense that you yourself have to be a good example/role model of how you manage and operate your finances before you can help anyone realize their goals."

Louis Ioannou

"When I was first introduced to the FLP curriculum it immediately struck me as a missing link in the education system that can help anyone and everyone identify stages and problems in life and offer solutions and strategies to deal with whatever life throws at you. For me this course is a blueprint that has provided me with clarity, more confidence and the ability to have conversations that we don’t always think about, but are critical. If you are always looking to someone else to provide trust, security and courage, stop and start looking in the mirror. This program is for you."

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Elevate and Transform Your Game Today

By engaging in a courageous conversation with the help of tools, technology, and proprietary processes, a Financial Life Professional™ helps people bring these two relationships together to create a Great Financial Life™– a life that is whole, complete, and performing financially.